Our Debut

The Beekeeper’s Daughter debuted at Elizabeth Anna’s Bounty Barter Fair the first weekend of November with much success.

We didn’t have a lot of honey available but all 12 jars we had sold before the end of the afternoon. I was able to meet lots of interesting people and talk to vendors about selling products in Fort Worth.

Since then, we’ve created a Facebook page and Twitter account as well as this website. We’ve also heard lots of great feedback about our honey and selling in the future.

Fort Worth, prepare yourself. Next year is going to be amazing. Expect to see us at fairs and events, especially ones in the near Southside.

In the meantime, check out our products page for info about vintage beehive boxes and self-watering containers. We have plenty in stock and are happy to help people work on winter projects in preparation for spring gardening.

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One thought on “Our Debut

  1. Kimberly Yaxtheimer Fort Worth TX

    Hello – I have had bees for about two years and need someone to help mentor me to collect honey. I have tried to watch videos and such but feel I need some help from someone that has experience working with bees. Would that be something you could help with or suggest someone that could?

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